Ring The Alarm- Grace Jones' Site

What Do You Think?: 
I found a hidden treasure! Grace Jones has a site (yay), that's sort of like a blog, but more like a site with over a hundred pages. Check it out at The World Of Grace Jones. This site is a MosaMuse favorite because its written by Ms. Jones herself and its full of beautiful pictures of...well Ms. Jones herself. She mentions on the site that she did not want to join a big agency because she didn't want to have to ask an agent whether or not she could cut her hair. I absolutely love that line because its so true. For all ladies who model or our interested in being a model, its important to maintain your individuality so you don't get stuck as a mannequin. The models that make themselves larger than life (like Grace Jones) don't stay in the parameters of shoulder length hair, zero brains, and a not so genuine (but likable) youthful personality. That's why there are no more supermodels! Be you. MosaMuse is expanding to give you some room to let your true self roam... coming soon!

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