Pixels- Blue Colors

What Do You Think?: 
Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye had such a strong impact on my life as a young girl. It is actually one of the many inspirations that made MosaMuse such a necessary creation of mine (which is obviously still a creation in progress). Toni Morrison is known for her works such as Beloved and Song of Solomon, and is most notably accredited for her Nobel Peace Prize in Literature. She is an inspiration to me, and this is a book that I would recommend for all you Musers. An aspect of Toni Morrison that I admire most is that she continued her education throughout her life, because education is more than a degree... it is a process. Ladies (and gents), continue to grow in all facets of your life. Your style is a reflection of you as a person, and it is important to learn who you are so that you will be able to find your voice in life. I know that this wasn't a post about McQueen, GaGa or Naomi, but hopefully this will find someone in peace. More fashions to come...

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