Fresh Face- Laura Izibor

What Do You Think?: 
MosaMuse is beginning to fancy this Irish born R&B singer. Laura Izibor's voice is well rounded, her curls are tight, and her lyrics are all her own. Her new cd Shine came out last year, and she has been on a roll ever since. She has yet to get the press she deserves, in the over hyped, (gimmick driven) failing music industry. But she is one to keep a close eye on. Shes that perfect Saturday afternoon, windows open, melodic songstress. Best of luck Laura!


  1. I LOVE Laura Izibor. From My Heart to Yours is my jam... and I think its very interesting that a lot of her lyrics are composed when she is freestyling. Its cool that freestyling is apart of her writing process as an R&B/Soul singer.

  2. Great! always looking for new Music!

  3. Yes Laura Izibor is a talented singer/songwriter/artist. I can't wait to hear more from her in the future. By the way, she is even better in concert. Support her!