Pixels- Bad Romance

What Do You Think?: 

I love this girl! Please check out her new video "Bad Romance" and look out for the scene where shes wearing the bear rug as a coat. I LIVE! She stole my heart dragging that bear head haha. FINALLY... someone worth watching.
But let me be honest, I wasn't into the costume thing for a while. The whole panties with the shades and thigh high boots. I was skeptical because (to be honest) I didnt think she was hot enough to pull it off. It was too Rihanna (meaning, it looked as if she was trying too hard). But now that I got to see this video and the whole vision come together seamlessly... I'm all for this GaGa chick. Shes hot. Shes fun. Shes needed. I want front row tickets! She's a must see show.. an I'll follow this girls' career. After she locks down the music (which she can do with her eyes closed at this pt) where should she go next?
....Cover of Vogue PLEASE Anna (so it can stop looking so damn stuffy)!... Joe Zee...why isn't she on your cover?

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