Collision- H&M + Jimmy Choo

What Do You Think?: 

This collaboration should be great! This Saturday, head to H&M (but pls not the one I'm planning on) to pick up a pair of Jimmy Choos at H&M prices. Now look, no one in my opinion has had a better H&M collection than Stella McCartney (I know a lot of you will argue against that).. but she started the skinny jean trend with zippers on the ankles for only $49.99. But I think Jimmy Choo can give her a run for her money. H&M is only selling his collection in 200 stores around the country. I guarantee I will come back with a bag and a pair (or 2) of shoes for under $150 all together.
Jimmy Choo is doing great with their cobranding this year. They also paired with Hunter. I am in love with Hunter's Jimmy Choo faux croc rainboots. I asked my bf for a pair earlier this yr and I'm still waiting (frown). No doubt I'll head to H&M myself!

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  1. I did get a pair... from my bf. and they are great! thank you!