Pink- Another Angel Gets Her Wings

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Emanueala de Paula (pic above) and Chanel Iman have both been added to the new Victorias Secret roster!! This of course is a huge deal to any models career. These ladies can now ask for the big $ in any shoot/ campaign across the board. The show tapes in NY on the 16th. I think the only reason I'll tune in is to see if sweet Chanel can pull the over the top sex appeal needed. (i do hope she does) But other than that, I've been watching the same glittery catwalk for about 10 yrs now an nothing seems to amaze me anymore. Heres what im wondering: VS's obsession with Heidi Klum will just make you wonder why exactly shes been named the face of the brand. I like her... but I dont get it. The hottest girl in the crew, Adriana Lima wont be there so is there really a pt? We all know they will reveal "the most expensive bra in the world" which will make they $56 push up look like a breeze. At least we can cross our fingers and hope Seal wont come on the stage and sing with his wife... whose idea was that? Anyways, best of luck to Chanel and Emanueala (and Selita). Will you be watching this yr?

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