Collision- Cruz + Broken Embraces

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Anyone who knows me knows that I have never been a fan of Penelope's look. Yet, everyone has always told me how "classic" she looked. But her mousy features were always so far from attractive that I dismissed any notion of Cruz as a beauty. But something about this David Edelstein film, Broken Embraces, just fits. Everything from the scenery to the way it was shot to Cruz herself is beyond stunning. I mean, this is like one of those fantasies you just want to live in. If you haven't seen the trailer yet just think of Gwen Stefani's "Cool" video. And if you can't get that reference... i mean.... well just google it. Anyways, I am absolutely in love with this imaging she has going on in the film. I admit, she looks amazing. Maybe I'm late? I doubt it. Seriously. But I have always been the one to give credit where credit is due. And the film, the set design, the hair/ make up, the stylist and the actress are just perfect! I can't tell you what the story is about, but on the strength of the imaging alone...this film is a must see.

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  1. Penelope's Beauty took a while to grown on me. She looks like some type of bird...like an Ostrich or something...but she's sexy and confident and that's what her appeal is. Saw broken embraces two weeks ago and I have to say the Almovadar films swallow you in whole with his storyline.