Contrast- The White House is The New Black

What Do You Think?: 

Anna Wintour's Prada shoes have stepped into the White House. Teamed with Forest Whitaker (huge move for him, yay), Yo Yo Ma, Sarah Jessica Parker, Edward Norton and 19 others, Wintour's role is to inform the President on expanding the role of arts in society. Many other countries have a national figure in this position, and its great that America is finally coming around. It seems like America is years behind everyone lately, right? Anyways, Michelle Obama is the honorary chair of the Committee on the Arts and Humanity. From what I've read about Anna (who btw is one of my idols) thinks that fashion and the global economy are closely related and she really pushes for the US government to reform some of the international trade laws. I'll keep you posted on this committee because I think its going to be a huge component in our society as we mature, and possibly what I retire as the head of it... If Anna can, I can! BTW, why isn't Oprah up on that list?

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