Model Daul Kim Found Dead

What Do You Think?: 
Twenty year old model, Daul Kim was found dead in her apartment earlier this morning. Her agency confirms her death but the cause of death has yet to be announced. There is huge speculation that the Korean born model committed suicide. Upon reading this story I was beyond shocked. Not only because shes so young, but more because this is becoming a trend. Each year you hear about 'models' who commit suicide and you have to wonder why. Personally, if you come into the industry at the age of 20 (or younger) and your always subjected to being what other people want you to be, it may cause a little confusion. Not to mention on your time away from the castings and agency meetings are spent in clubs which are known to be a place of pretend. One can become a mannequin because most people care less about what you say and how you feel and only about what you look like. Its a very dangerous thing to not take your career and your life into your own hands. You can just be a fixture in other people's (40+ yr old agents'...) dreams. I am not saying this to say that it was the case with Daul Kim. May she rest in peace. I am more so being honest about the industry with hopes on inspiring girls to take their dreams into the own hands and make it happen for themselves. The quicker it comes the quicker it goes.

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