My Muse: Savonya

What Do You Think?: 
I love these for her!

For a casual look with jeans, white shirt and blazers
For a great little black dress, or red dress (which she likes)
A great option for a date
Great with a summer dress
I love these for any occasion!

So my friend, Savonya, has been one of the most loyal MosaMuse readers. She gives me feedback and encouragement. Lately, she hasn't been in love with a few of the fashion choices so I told her I would do a post just for her. She LOVES heels, so I searched the web for some great options that I think (and hope) she likes! My favorites out of these are the black booties with the mesh, the blue Steve Maddens. I hope I got it right! Let me know, which ones are your favorites girls?


  1. definitely the black mesh then the blue heels too. but i'll take all :D