FRAMES For Elisha

What Do You Think?: 
I love that these have a litle flare of personality
In my opinion, these are so chic, fun and trendy!
I like the shape, not the color. I think this shape would look cool on her
She loves purple, so I think these are a really cool 'substitute' pair that are fun. This is the style I think she used to wear when we were younger.

Or, she can be a little hip-hop? Maybe not.

My friend Elisha asked me to find some great frames for her, because she is about to go shopping for new eyeglasses. I have to admit, I'm not the best at this. But she told me she likes square and over-sized frames so I searched the internet for what I thought would be great for her. I really hope she likes these, and if not I hope at least one style inspires her decision. Which ones would you wear? Do you have any frames that you want to suggest? Let us know!


  1. It's like you're reading my mind!!! I'm on the search for a pair like these.


  2. aw mel, that makes me feel good because i didnt think i was good w/ picking out glasses lol. glad u like these!!
    Enjoy ur day!