Meet 'Oh To Be A Muse'

What Do You Think?: 

OhToBeAMuse.com is actually one of my favorite stops on the web. The site is run by a really cool fashion writer, Cheryl, who sets out to close the gap between the fashion industry and the consumer. OhToBeAMuse encompasses all things fashion including beauty regimens, accessories, featured bloggers, style headlines, and her personal style. What I love best about her blog is that although she does take pictures of her best outfits, its not a self-centered blog. Her mission is to create a space where everyone can find their personal 'muse'. And you all know I'm a big fan of 'finding your personal muse' and that's why I make a point to browse through her site daily, and I really think you should too. Another reason I like her is because her blog has a very genuine feel, without being 'homemade'. You really get a sense of who she is without giving up the luxury and fun of fashion. Check it out and be inspired to be an inspiration!


  1. I love it! Thank you so much for doing the feature--such nice words! <3

  2. Cheryl's style isSO fun and free! I'm always a fan of her shorts, stylish headbands and heels :)