Just Married- Kate and William

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Princess Kate looked nice! I did not know what to expect for her dress, but I have to say I would have never ever guessed Sarah Burton would have been asked to be the designer. I was thinking she would pick someone 'new' but she chose one of my favorite labels, McQueen to wear. Many people are comparing her choice of gown to Grace Kelly, and I see where they can see similarities, but it really didn't come close to Grace Kelly's. I honestly have to put my foot in my mouth because I didn't think Kate could pull off a 'show' that I would find any interest in. I never thought she had any twinkle about her. BUT, one thing I realized watching the 'show' is that this is her actual wedding and she has to do it in front of billions of people, and I kind of felt a little bad. I realized that it must be hard trying to be a 'princess' and uphold all these traditions when you just want to be yourself. So I must say, she was made for that position, and whether or not she appeals to me as this "modern princess", she played the part well today. And she looked great! Alexander McQueen would have been proud.

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  1. BTW, I would like to know if they are goingt o create a replica to put on display for the MET exhibit for McQueen in a few weeks? I can't wait to go and tell you all about it!