Kelis Sends Love To MosaMuse

What Do You Think?: 

When I first started blogging in 2009 (wow 2009), I was honored to get a quick shout out from Kelis. You all know, Kelis is one of my absolute favorites. Her style is what Rihanna uses now, and you all think is so 'fresh'. Kelis was doing it in the 90s. And yes, Rihanna does it well, nothing against her. My point is that Kelis was such a trailblazer in fashion, and has been highly underrated. She is high on MosaMuse's list. This small note was something I just came across on my computer that made me smile. Just like one day when I come across this blog on the web many years later, I'm going to smile!


  1. that's so awesome! it would be great for kelis to get back in the thick of things with both her music and fashion!