All Natural Conditioner For All Hair Types

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I have been looking for a new conditioner that was all natural. I actually found a secret conditioner that I shared with you all last year called CPR from the Motions Hair Relaxer line. I let you all know it worked wonders whether your hair was permed or not because it coated your hair and gave it strength. So ever since telling you all that, I've been on a search for a product that was all natural with the same benefits. And... I found it!! I stumbled on it during a shopping spree I gave myself at Sephora. Its Carol's Daughter "Black Vanilla Bean Conditioner". It smells so good. I just use it for the first time and it was amazing. I checked online to see the reviews, and everyone has been raving about it for some time now. It works wonders on curly hair, and is great to use on straight hair when your hair gets dry and dull. So for all you with hair blues right now, check it out and see.

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