Set Backs Are Your Biggest Set Ups

What Do You Think?: 

Sometimes what seems to be a set back are your biggest set ups. Think about a sling shot. The farther you want the shot to go, the harder you have to pull back. The main thing is to not be discouraged. As I'm trying to build this brand into a world wide phenonmenon (just kidding...just the number 1 destination site for fashionable women) and I'm going after securing a large investment, I hear a lot of people telling me what I can't do because I'm too young. Little do they know about my talent, intelligence, ambition, tenacity, skills, education, hustle, never say no attitude, or passion. People think my idea is too large. I think their vision is too small. But their words do get to me, and I have to fight against what they think and go with what I KNOW. I could let their negative energy stop me. Or, I can use it as the fuel to not only get what I set out to get, but even more. I know I've been telling you the site is coming soon, and it is. Just think about how long I've been being pulled back....something tells me I'm going far.

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  1. Don't let any discourage you. You have big dreams and big ambitions so there's nothing stopping you. Good luck!