Rihanna in Vogue

What Do You Think?: 

Rihanna is the covergirl for Vogue Magazine. She looks nice in these photographs by Annie Leibowitz. images via [HS]


  1. I like the plum hair color on Rihanna much better than the fire engine red. Mosa Muse, how do you feel about the side cleavage as shown in the photographs above and in the "All of the Lights" video. Fashion trend or fashion sin? :)

  2. LOL! I have to agree with you... I really like the plum and I think she should keep it. Its the only photo out of the bunch that looks Vogue quality (in my opinion). But, I don't like the fact that the spread had one plum picture and the rest red.... whats that about?
    As for the side cleavage.... I saw it first on the Grammys red carpet w/ Miley Cyrus. (GROSS!) But lets be honest, you know I would rock it in a shoot. So lets go with Fashion.....TREND! But in real everyday life... its a straight SIN. xoxo

  3. I have to agree. The pictures are not up to normal Vogue standards. RiRi looks like she is dying in all the pictures with her head back. The plum hair is the only good picture and I still don't love it. The plum hair is infinitely better than the Ronald Mcdonald red,but that doesn't mean she is going to keep it.

  4. Squash, I just think the issue is that the photos aren't telling a full story. But I do hope she keeps the plum... she does look great in it. Sometimes artists/actresses get excited to shoot for Vogue and try to really "model" in pictures and in this case it really shows. It looks too contrived and thats why it comes off so weird. Her essence isn't really coming through. But with all that said, I'm happy Vogue finally put her on the cover. I think its way overdue. And overall, its nice.