Planning Your Next Step- Defining Your Mission

What Do You Think?: 

Hey Ladies,
I just wanted to reach out and give you some words of encouragement and inspiration. I have been noticing via Facebook that everyone has all these plans and are considering to do this and that. And that is great! I'm happy to see people still holding on to their dream. But, it is time to think about step 2. Dreaming is great, action is even better! So what do you do?
I think you should think of the next step as your 'platform'. What do I mean by that? I want you to think about WHY you have this dream and WHO else will benefit from it?
Oprah's mission was to show the world the real reality of life, not the Brady Bunch version. Her talk show did leaps and bounds beyond a Jenny Jones (who I did watch, can't lie) whose show didn't really seem to be on a mission. You can see them both as successful. But, I see Jenny Jones as having a job, and Oprah as having a mission. Understand?
More people flocked to Oprah because she was able to placed value into their lives, thus having a larger impact.
In order to have that impact, you must figure out your personal platform. What is your mission?

Keys to Figure Out Your Personal Mission:
  • Realize your life is not your own
  • Helping others is the key to life
  • Find something that really bothers you, and solve it through your dream
  • Find a way that your mission can incorporate other people

I guarantee you will feel less discouraged if you live your life and follow your dream as if you had a distinct mission (which you do!), instead of for your personal pleasure. Impact the world.