"Plus Size" Model Covers Vogue Mexico

What Do You Think?: 
Crystal Renn is supposed to be a 'plus size' model who is now covering Vogue Mexico. I don't see anything curvy about this girl, but she made her name as a full-figured beauty. I think this sends the absolutely wrong message. She came into the industry as the voice of the luscious girl, and has now lost so much weight. People still attach 'plus size' to her name, and I think that can be very damaging for a young girl. If I young girl views her as "curvy", what will they see when they look into the mirror?


  1. mmmmmmm interesting!

  2. Ridiculous. In her book she said she was always "meant" to be around 165 lb. and a size 12 (that's what she was when she was a teenager) and up until she lost a massive amount of weight. So what is it Renn? Are you meant to be a size 12 or is a size 2 your natural weight now? I'm confused.