Unconventional- 'The Supermodel'

What Do You Think?: 
The MOMA features painter Marlene Dumas' work entitled "The Supermodel". Dumas is a South African artist who does her work out of Amsterdam. This particular piece caught MosaMuse's eye because it was an ironic take on who a supermodel is and how they feel. To begin, the picture is not of your standard supermodel (or at least who you would think of when you think of one). The eyes speak sorrow and its a hairless figure. It makes someone wonder their definition of beauty and where it derived from. The fashion industry has become really blah with the same girls in the same poses, and a lot of talk has picked up about race and weight. I am interested in seeing where this leads the industry. What's your thoughts? Remember the MoMa is free today from 4pm-8pm. In particularly check out some more of Dumas' paintings. She has some very nice work.

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