Destined- Illustrator/Graphic Designer Natasha Torrence

What Do You Think?: 

Illustrator and Graphic Designer Natasha Torrence is fresh out of college and ready to take the world of design by storm. She emphasizes that there is no right or wrong way to express one's self when it comes to illustration and design. Natasha is currently working on creating restaurant menus and packaging for a gourmet food company. The above illustrations are straight from her sketchbook and they are a MosaMuse favorite! What makes her art most compelling is that she combines graphics and hand done art. She is planning on creating some graphics for MosaMuse, and I will keep you posted! Her site is coming soon and I will be sure to lead you all to it in an update....


  1. Tasha is an amazing artist and a classy professional person. I think it's fantastic that you are promoting up and coming artists/talents, Syreeta! Keep 'em coming! Love the blog!

  2. Gorgeous Tasha love TeeTee & MaKayla