Hidden- Jeisa Chiminazzo

What Do You Think?: 

Brazilian born Jeisa Chiminazzo began her career on Marc Jacob's runway. She has a well established career, yet many of you never heard of her. But you probably recognize her face from Jill Stuart, Emperio Armani, and YSL cosmetic ads. Shes appeared in Sports Illustrated and can be found in Victoria Secret catalogues. She has practically walked the runway for every designer out there. I love how versatile her look is and how carefree the majority of her photos are. Above are images from French Vogue, Italian Flair and Vogue Brazil. I like her look, she runs in the right circle (friends w/ Kate Moss), and I think she has a quiet appeal. I just want to know if I'm the only one unfamiliar with this muse...? I think shes one of those treasures that only her industry discovers.


  1. That's what I love about her, hence the fansite: http://www.jeisa-chiminazzo.com <3