Gloss- Italian Vogue

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Sessilee Lopez is featured in a spread in Italian Vogue. She is photographed by Steven Meisel, again. They are becoming a really great team. Last month Meisel created his faux online pix with Lopez and I'm loving that shot. By the way, Meisel photographed Sessilee for her Italian Vogue cover shot, which she credits as what launched her career. They are a great tag team and Ms. Lopez is a MosaMuse fav!

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  1. Sissilee's always been my fav out of each of the "of the minute chicks". I also did a post on the meiselpic story and the very first thing that I noticed about the photo was her boots! Damn, they're sickening. Keep up the blog Syretta, it's a great easel for sharing your visions- it's that type of originality that keeps me coming back for more.