Summer is Coming!

What Do You Think?: 

I'm never one to pick up, look at, or stop to read Glamour Magazine. It never ever appealed to me. It's too apple pie... and I'm a Blueberry Crumble Icecream type of girl. But, I stopped at this cover because I think Olivia Wilde looks amazing on this June 2011 Glamour Magazine cover. Makes me want Summer time to hurry here and stay. Not many things in this world beats a Summer in NYC!


  1. you know what, i have to agree. this is such a different look for Olivia, but it fits her so well. i would love to go to NY this summer.

  2. I saw this cover too. Usually, I'd read Lucky or Elle way before I pick up a Glamour but she looks really cute on this cover!

  3. Oh To Be a Muse... yes, put NYC on ur list for the summer so we can hang out! xo