How to Walk In Heels in 7 Steps

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You love the shoes, but you don't want to suffer the pain? I know the feeling! Walking in heels is a tough challenge, but the look is so worth it. Here are a few pointers to make it a little easier.

1) Let your heels hit the floor first! Most women get in heels and try to walk on their tip toes. That's a big no-no. The best way to walk in heels is to let the heel hit the ground first, and once the ball of your foot is on the ground, your other heel should be close to hitting the ground.

2) Start off small. I always tell girls that wedges are your best friend when you're trying to get up to those 4-inch heels. Wedges give you extra support, and develop your muscles so that you can walk.

3) The easiest way to train your legs for walking in heels is to wear high-heel boots in the fall/winter. Not only will your muscles become accustomed to the height, you will also improve your balance.

4) The taller the heel, the shorter your stride. So don't out do yourself. Its one of the reasons why you feel like you've been walking forever when you wear your heels.

5) Always cushion your shoes... ALWAYS. Dr. Scholl's is amazing, so take advantage of it!

6) Its best to sit down every 20 mins when wearing heels.

7) DON'T EVER TAKE YOUR HEELS OFF!! Once they're on, they're on. Don't take them off to give yourself a 'break'. Your feet will expand and it will be harder to continue through the day.

Good luck ladies! Anyone have any other tips? Please share!

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