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So my favorite girl put out a new video for her "Run The World" single. I LOVE Beyonce. Honestly, she is the only person I see as a "celebrity". When I look at everyone else I always think 'Thats been done'. I get to be a fan again! As much as I love her, I would LOVE if she really allowed herself to take a full break and come back completely reinvented. Like a true classic... you know? The video was nice, not my favorite, but I love the beginning. Her album cover looks great. Check out her video HERE. Go Bey! I'm excited shes out for the summer!! What do you think about her return into the spotlight?

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  1. I think Bey is doing all of this because when she does take a BREAK it is gonna be A very LONG one!! she may even have kids, SO I feel that she is getting what she wants to do musically done first so she can quiet down and do the other things she wants to do in her life!! she is not wasting her youth and I LOVE THAT!! In the meantime I am enjoying all her music and ALL that she is doing now SO COME ON BEY!!