Oprah- My Ultimate Muse

What Do You Think?: 

I've never been more inspired by any other public figure as I've been with Oprah. As a little girl, people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I always answered 'Oprah'. She always represented what I would aspire to be.
Lets think about it, she was just a talk show host. At one time talk show hosts weren't high regarded. But she always stayed true to herself, repositioned what it meant to be a talk show host, and developed an empire. Most importantly, she taught people that dreams come true and that they can have a lot from this world. And I took onto that whole-heartedly. I love all that she represents, and she did it!.... She made history! Love you Oprah! Thank you.

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  1. She's definitely touched our hearts and inspired us to do it all!