Sassafras- New Food Tips!

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My new 'Sassafras' topic will focus on food...yyumm. I know you all look good, but being healthy is extremely important. I just started my health kick. Yes, as an extremely decorated track star (exaggeration.. well, maybe not) I finally got back into the gym. I run 2 miles a day, focus on my abs (which you can now bounce a penny off of), and try my hardest to develop my leg muscles so I can stop looking like... a toothpick. No need to frown your faces, I started this segment just to give you little tips here and there for how to get started in the kitchen. My new love... smoothies!! I took an interest in raw food but I'm too scared to lose weight. So I just found the best part of a raw food diet and made it all my own. I found a blender for only $8... yes.. super cheap and its cute. I spend about $15 a week on fruit and I make a few smoothies every day to go along with my meals. My favorite combination so far?... Blueberry-Mango. Its to dies for! Take a handful of blueberries, half a mango and a little milk. Blend and ENJOY! Its great for clearing your skin and staying energized throughout the day. You love to look good... lets feel good too!

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