Halle Back in 'Vogue'

What Do You Think?: 
Halle Berry is the first Black women to get the cover of the coveted September Issue since 1989. And I must say.... she looks amazing! Just so you all know, I will be rocking this cut (with a little different back) so get ready. The issue is great, and has a really amazing article about Pakistani women and their fashion revolution (must read!). Kate Moss and Laura Stone led the count in campaign features; department stores and Banana Republic opted to use women of color; and Fashions Night Out got tons of play and cut new accessories. For what I've been reading, a lot of the people in the industry have been raising funds for Obama and I think its amazing that during this time in our society, Vogue Opted for a Black woman to front its most high regarded issue. But most importantly: enjoy this Cleopatra-cut Halle has... I'm Lovin' it!

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