Hidden- Shamayim Photographer

What Do You Think?: 
Shamayim is a fashion photographer who I predict will soon have a well-known place in the industry. He has a true passion for his work stating, "I like to dig deep within the story of the subject and to shoot chapters out of the novel of my dreams". To me, that sounds like a person with great vision. But aside from just having passion, Shamayim is a diligent student of his craft. He admires the work of Miesel and Mario Testino, and spends hours studying their lighting. And as any model knows... lighting is EVERYTHING when choosing the right photographer. He is currently working with models to expand their portfolios and he even works with unsigned talents stating that it is a pure pleasure for him to work with new talents, bringing out their true beauty and unique features, and eventually getting them to to a point where they can be signed. I personally love how he balances different textures in his art. He can take something extremely edgy and give it such a softness and visa versa, allowing his pictures to seem so multidimensional. You can check him out at www.shamayim.net to book a shoot.

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