Must Read- Amy Dubois Barnett's 'Get Yours!'

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Forgive me ladies for being oh so late on this book. So all of you all know by now that well... I'm kind of intense about my goals. And many of you know I recently hit a rough patch in life with the loss of my Daddy. And to be honest, it has not been a walk in the park! But I knew I had to pick myself up and get going because he was my number one cheerleader when it came to my search for true happiness and success. I've been slacking on my MosaMuse posts (which I vow to never ever do again) and I've been spending the majority of my time falling back in love with fashion, reading books, and showing my friends I appreciate all their love during this time. So I spent a day with my gf and I was digging through her bookshelf to find something that would entertain me. We moved beyond Native Son and Roots (too heavy for me during this time) and landed on this friendly cover. "Get Yours" is the title of the book, written by the accomplished Amy Dubois Barnett. The instant I read the first few pages I knew this was the book for me. The opener discussed how she lost a parent (check), how she was in a search for true happiness (check) and how her goals were like cravings (check!)... I was hooked. She gives accounts of her life and shows you the ways that you can get yours, and also has a few celebs (Kelis included!) chime in. I'm not saying that you have had to lose a parent or be on this search for true happiness and a fulfilling life to enjoy this read. You just have to be a girl who is looking for a little more in life and not interested in settling. That's you, right? On top of it.. it gave me another person who I look up to in the business. Seriously... go check it out. Its light and easy with quizzes (and pictures!) :) Enjoy ladies

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