Hidden- Tanekeya Word

What Do You Think?: 

This girl is dope! Today I was scrolling through Clutch Mag and they highlighted painter Tanekeya Word and I instantly fell in love. I can't say it enough... this girl is dope! She's like the modern Picasso (for lack of better art reference lol). But honestly, I am in love with her choice of bold colors and the images she chooses to illustrate. Her paintings tell a complete story from "Once upon a time" to "Happily ever after".. its a beautiful fantasy. I would want any of these pieces in my living room. You know what, I think I'm going to see if I can hire her to create the new MosaMuse set. Or maybe I'll have her as my first podcast interview? I dunno. All I know is this is a new MosaMuse favorite!! Check her out at www.tanekeyaword.com.


  1. Isn't she a doll? Thanks for shouting her out. I connected with her over on Society HAE (you should come over and check it out). I'm on there as "Black Lily" (Black Lily = a.c. workman = the chica who wrote the CLUTCH piece). P.S. Your blog is hot, girl!


  2. oohh I love Harriets Alter Ego. Yea Imma set up a page...

    I'm glad you like my blog!

  3. Just saw the blog post. Thanks so much for featuring me. Have a wonderful New Year and nice blog chica :)

  4. you welcome! keep up the great work. love it.