Contrast- Couture Infants

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Jourdan Dunn gave birth to a healthy baby boy! Here she is walking for Jean Paul Gaultier while she was seven months pregnant, and personally I think she looks even more beautiful with a full face. Pregnant or not, Jourdan can hold her own in the spotlight. She is even listed on NY Magazine's site as the most popular model. But not to take anything away from Dunn, but I'm pretty sure that spot can be bought with the right price or right agent/media hook up. I'm just saying. Anyways, I hope to see her back on the runways for NY Fashion Weeks Spring shows. Oh yea, Gisele had her baby as well... but, um.. who cares? Congrats Jourdan!
p.s. shouts out to NY Mag for reporting that first. I would have missed that one.

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