Collision- Origami meets Fashion

What Do You Think?: 

In a few years I will be wearing Gianfranco Ferre everyday, every other week. What?... right now I'm broke. Here's the thing, I borderline how I feel about the whole soft look in general. Secretly (or not) I'm really into the screaming fashions. Flashy, gaudy, and maybe a tad raunchy is kind of what I'm drawn to. But now that I'm owning up to my more mature '19' year old self (i know, maybe I'm lying), and I'm kind of starting to dig the whole silk/lace thing. Gianfranco Ferre does it so perfectly and I realized... its all about the shape. Everything has a pleat, a flap, or a tuck. Its soft with a edge and nothing less than sophisticated. Ok, here's what wearing this takes me back to.... Remember when we were younger and we would watch the women who went to the boxing matches in furs, stilettos and tight sheath dresses? Ok, this is the modern version. Think of pairing this look with finger waves and a wine-red lip. You would be untouchable. Now think about being the first to wear this look... bold enough? I am... just give me the money.

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