Hidden- Immortal Boutique

What Do You Think?: 

It's Philadelphia's best kept secret! The only clue you have of it's existence is a small window display, but a treasure chest sits on the second floor at 18th and Sansom. Its called Immortal and its a small boutique owned by Ms. Caren Kreider. I walked inside and felt as if I entered another world. A world designed specifically for me (and you)! The boutique has unique vintage clothing, jewelery and accessories. Real vintage. Not costumes. Its a MUST visit for any fashion lover. Ms. Caren Kreider finds unique pieces from estates and reasonably resells to stylish individuals. She is impeccably dressed herself. Her fitting rooms are designed with glamorous pictures that take you into an era of pure style and beauty. The boutique makes you feel as if you opened your grandmother's jewelry box and everything was preserved at its highest quality. Alligator purses with unscratched lining, an antique rotary telephone from France, Chanel earrings..... the list is endless! This is a fabulous place to shop, a MosaMuse top favorite. Please visit and enjoy like I have enjoyed! 125 S 18th Street 2nd floor. 215.563.2344

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