Contrast- Kara Walker And The Big 'O'

What Do You Think?: 

At the age of 28 Kara Walker received the MacArthur Fellowship (the Genius Award) which salutes her promise for continued and enhanced creative work (and also awarded her with $500,000). Walker is known for her art which reflects African-American women's racial and gender identity. Oprah recently created her first 'Power List' which highlighted 20 women who made a positive contribution to the American society and included Walker as one of its few artists. Kara notes to Oprah Magazine online, "I was fed up with the expectations of what a black girl ought to be, but instead of rejecting them outright, I thought I would embrace every concept out there, sort of flouting the notions and taunting those who held them at the same time." Kara Walker's art is not ignorable and at times shocking, but it is nothing short of real. As people continue to progress it is important to use their respective purpose's to challenge the standard racial and gender identities of the females of color. And that is why MosaMuse was created. I want to show girls of color that they can be beautiful, fabulous, and not have to be undressed nor sexually submissive. Differences are now celebrated and its time that there is an avenue of expression for creative women of color who enjoy art, fashion, beauty and themselves.

photo courtesy of chelseaartmuseum.org

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