Flashback Iconic- Hollywood Waves

What Do You Think?: 

Glimpses of old Hollywood glamour are reemerging. This futuristic phase slowly rolling out (Rihanna better revamp quick). The smooth purr-like seductive fluidity of fashion and glamour is creepy back. (YES!) But don't expect it to come full circle. The new trend will be paired with Fall's over the knee boots, chunky accessories, and Look-At-Me bags. Imagine Gaudy and Glam having a baby with Glam's genes winning out by 20%. Get it? Keep up. One way that this trend will hit big is with the hair. Fingerwaves are back (as I predicted in January). Now that everyone has chopped their hair in Rihanna-mania and have become extremely bored and overwhelmed by the constant maintenance (thus, breakage), an easy solution is ever so needed. Check out Beyonce's finger waves in her video Sweet Dreams. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbGV2_8Yqg4 And above is a pic of Halle with the style.

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