Update- There's More Than One... And They CAN Work Together

What Do You Think?: 

Oh how pathetic it was to highlight Dunn's remarks that she was able to work with other black models. Dunn's comment wasn't ill-fitting, yet the attention placed on it was. It was as if she was hailed for being able to share. The black vs. black drama is played. Its not because the girls are unable to get along, its because the industry does not allow for too much diversity so the amount work for models of color is small. Instead of focusing on the model's ability to headline with another model of color, lets look at the industry's inability to be more diverse. But stepping off my soapbox, something really interesting is brewing from the Chanel Iman and Sessilee Lopez camp. I have a feeling these girls are working on a top cover together! It was in their tweets.. on the same day... same excitement... same cover shoot? I think, YES. I can't wait.


  1. ...that would be amazing!

    But the fashion world is always quick to make idiotic assumptions, and would probably downplay the shoot with some ridiculous title...

    Great Post