Collision- Marc Jacobs + Steve Shaw + Fishsticks + That Girl Again

What Do You Think?: 
Oh goodness, its that girl again! As if we haven't had enough of her these past months. Kanye has me begging for Alexis back. But instead, Marc cleverly places Amber Rose's... well, you know... in the ad for Kanye's new sneakers for LV. Creative Director of LV, Marc Jacobs hired photographer Steve Shaw (who MosaMuse hearts) for the shoot. Even though he has cover shots with Rosario Dawson (hot) and Paris Hilton (blah), I would definitely note this as Shaw's big break. I would say Shaw is kind of known for off-centered shots and his classy, yet textured, scenery. I'll be honest with you all, I'm in the biggest love/hate relationship with this Kanye/Amber Rose duo. I just don't know. I'm living in a sea of periwinkle ambiguity. Can you help me out? Please. Save me from It, and It's...well, you know.

P.S. I secretly love this ad tremendously.... Its genius... but ssshhhh

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