Flashback Iconic- Andre Leon Talley

What Do You Think?: 
The larger than life, Andre Leon Talley towers over the fashion industry. The current Editor at Large for Vogue magazine was raised in Durham, North Carolina by his grandmother who he says introduced him to an extravagant lifestyle. And an extravaganza he is... his six foot seven inch frame is often adorn in crocs, furs, sequins, and more recently... turbans. But how can you not love him? Many argue his article in Vogue is the only one worth reading... and I personally wonder who is still reading it anyway?  With his masters degree from Brown University, Talley began his career in fashion with WWD, and he later met Diana Vreeland at the Costume Institute who brought him to Vogue. At Vogue he began as a fashion news director, then the creative director until taking over his current title as Editor in Large. He had a brief stint at W as Paris fashion Editor. Andre Leon Talley won Eugenia Shepard Award by the CFDA in 2003 for fashion journalism. He is a MosaMuse favorite and definitely a person who has legendary status. 

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  1. I admire Andre Leon Talley!! He's like one of my inspirations, however I didn't know he was that tall!! WOW! 6'7! I'm jealous! I love your blog keep up the goodwork!