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I like the way Steven Klein created the video- specifically loving the scenes where Gaga is in a white haze while everyone else is not. The cinematography was great. And you guys know I love Steven Klein. Here it comes... BUT... I wasn't feeling the story line. And let me just say this... I'm over men in louboutins. Can girls ever have any eye candy? I prefer a man in combat boots. The whole gay vs. church theme is whack. Hate goes both ways. I just wasn't feeling the message. But I guess its needed for attention?... Anyway, on top of it the costumes looked cheap. The gun bra had no business in a scene where she is dancing. It should have been used for a still to refrain from its utter cheapness. And she looked too washed out. Gaga can't pull off a natural look and that's why she is marketed the way she is. Most people can't pull off over the top, and that's what makes her sensation. I'm sorry, but it just wasn't visually pleasing. I know this is a shocking post considering I'm a Gaga and Klein fan, but this just didn't do it for me.

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