Eugenia Kim for Target

What Do You Think?: 
Seems like Target is the only fashion company still in business these days, as designers are all hopping on board to bring fashion to a group of people they would have otherwise ignored. We salute Isaac Mizrahi for beginning this wave of fashion, but I would be lying if I didn't say that I wished it would slow down so that the customers at least felt like it was somewhat exclusive. But I guess everyone needs to make there money. Anyway, a milliner I have always liked is at Target. Her name is Eugenia Kim and I first fell in love with her hats while interning at Michael Kors, we she did hats for his collection. Above is one of the looks for her target line, and all of the hats in the line are pretty similar. But if you check her website, you get to see what she's all about. She started out in Parsons and now can be found in 100 boutiques. Bloomies and Barneys also have her collections on sale.

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