Erykah Badu- The Individual Collective

What Do You Think?: 
'Groupthink'... what's that mean to you? I never liked the idea of 'group' because that meant that it was a loss of the individual. So many people get caught up in other people's thoughts, opinions, doubts and fears that it immobilizes them. People are stuck. People are asleep, because the collective is non progressive. If you get anything from my blog, and my highlights and shoutouts, I hope that you learn to search for the things that are unique to you, and have personal meaning. And more than anything search for your own purpose, your own opinions, your own feelings, your own feelings and live by them. At the end of the day, it's only you in your skin. Learn you and continuously develop. Take strides to establish the individual opinion. And support Erykah... cuz I said so! :)

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  1. I will continue to support Erykah. I agree that individuality is where it is at and is in style. By the way, I didn't see anything wrong with Window Seat (video).