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I only loved one look from Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 show. Yea, I said it! Ok before you kill me, I loved it in pieces. I liked the ruffles they were beautiful. I loved the satin undies over the outfit. I loved his choice of geisha makeup to play up the femininity of the look. But, all of it together reminded me of myself at 6 playing dress up in my mothers clothes and makeup. Sorry. But the one look I enjoyed in its entirety was the one with the ruffled boyfriend blazer. Most people on the streets of NY have been struggling to pull of the boyfriend blazer an still be feminine. They are trying powder blue blazers, ones with satin linings, a flashy belt to pull the oversized look together, but its falling flat. But the ruffle details on Marc Jacob's blazer was beyond perfect! What do you think?

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