Contrast- Laura Stone Black and White

What Do You Think?: 

Maybe its just me... (?) I'm less furious about the fact that you painted a white girl black, more furious that a black girl wasn't hired to do the shoot. Italian Vogue's spread is of Laura Stone, supermodel known for her gaped teeth, curvy body, and W's "it girl" cover status. In the spread, Laura is painted to depict a black woman. (she was also painted in whiteface) I get that pushing the line is sooo necessary to sell any print magazine now a days, but its beyond contradictory that the magazine that gained so much press (and sales) for its "All Back Issue" couldn't hire a black model for the shoot? I am pretty sure Sessilee Lopez, Chanel Iman, R'El Dade or the COUNTLESS amounts of beautiful black models could have fit it into their schedules. Lets be real. I'm just furious that black models can't get jobs yet someone decided to paint Laura Stone black. Oh wait.... maybe this is why the evolution of MosaMuse from small blog to a black fashion empire is so important? Get the hint.... We're Coming Soon!

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