Artist Spotlight- Director Greg Jardin

What Do You Think?: 

I'm sure you all heard of the music video made out of Jelly Beans by now. The video is of Kina Grannis' 'In Your Arms'. I am in love with this video (and even the making of this video). It was directed by Greg Jardin who called the artist up with the concept to create an entire video out of jelly beans.
I have to say.... the video production is flawless.
What I find impressive (aside from using over 288,000 jelly beans for each and every frame) is the fact that they spent about 2 years working on this. Their dedication really paid off.
And don't think she was filmed using a green screen, Kina was actually in each and every shot. Did you see the 'making of' video?
Hats off to Greg Jardin and Kina Grannis for an amazing piece of art. I wish everyone would take the time to produce quality pieces.
Continue to spread the word about this video, and get over the 10 million views mark. They deserve it.


  1. I remember her, I think she won this contest a long time ago, I saw her performance, and love her voice. I love her Valentine song as well.

  2. I just love the name. Jelly Beans. That is awesome.

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  3. I can't believe this video! It's a piece of art!

  4. great post! Thanks for sharing and Happy Monday!


  5. wow 2 years! that's a lot of jellybeans and even more commitment! it's a pretty cool concept.