What Do You Think?: 

She was such an inspiration to me. I wore a bandanna for like 2 years because she did. I ran out to buy shiny silver pants because I wanted to dress like her. I still know all of the dance moves to her videos. And her make up was always a futuristic and a step ahead. But what I remember most was how EVERYONE said how nice and loving she was.
I remember reading an interview where Dame Dash (her boyfriend at the time of her death) said that what he loved most was that she didn't have a need to be on the scene every night. And another interview in Honey Magazine where it talked about how she wasn't a huge fan of press.
But when she performed on her platform....videos....she was an ARTIST!
I JUST LOVE HER! I wish she was still around. But I'm happy that I was once able to be a fan.
Thank you for the inspiration baby girl!


  1. She is so awesome. It's so sad to think about how young she was.


  2. She's a real inspiration to me as well! She was so beautiful and talented



  3. Gone too soon. But she'll always be remembered

  4. <3 this so much! Aaliyah was and will always be my favorite. my bff and i used to pretend to be singers all the time when we were young, and i was always Aaliyah. i was a tomboy in middle school basically because i was dressing like her all the time--like the Are You That Somebody video. and yes, i would pull my hair over my one eye--this is probably why i love a good side swept bang. i remember crying when she passed--it was such a terrible day. if she were still around now she would be the baddest--forget Beyonce and Lady Gaga! i'm featuring her music on my blog! <3

  5. it's so sad that she died at such a young age!

    jos xx