Jourdan Dunn's Secret

What Do You Think?: 
She took time off to have her baby while she was reaching the height of her career. As her became a household name in America, she was posing along side of Chanel, Sessilee and Arlenis Sosa to suggest that there can be multiple black faces in the fashion industry at one time. The idea began to popularize and magazines began to shoot them all together instead of separate. Brands also began to take notice. Once of which was Victoria's Secret. Chanel was the first to sign with the company, which was a sure move to give her longevity in the industry. Recently, to all of our satisfaction, Jourdan began to pop up in the catalogue. Now all I can do is cross my fingers, because I would LOVE to see Sessilee (even though her look may be too forward for the standard look of an "angel") in the pages. But back to the point, I'm excited for Jourdan and I cant wait to see move of her this upcoming season.
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