Pink-Get Pressed

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Summer's here! Its getting hot and and the air will feel heavy, but don't let your foundation weigh you down. These season stay away from creams and cream to powder foundations. Just like your mascara runs, the cream moves throughout the day. And with the added heat, creams and cream to powders clog your pores more than usual. Instead, pick out a light and easy pressed powder foundation. The powder will limit the shine and the pigment will cover any blemishes. Powder foundations are best for combination or oily skin. For those with dry skin, be sure to use a moisturizer specific to dry skin before applying the foundation. No matter the skin type, moisturizing before application is important because it keeps the skin from using the unnatural oils (found in make up and in the air) to moisturize itself. I personally love Nars Pressed Powder foundation. You look like you have nothing on, and not in need anything at the same time. Its perfect for a summer day look. Do you have it? Any other make up tips? Clue me in... 

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